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Monthly VPN Subscription

$10 /month

Monthly VPN subscription for your Encrouter device.

  • Monthly Recurring VPN subscription
  • Access over 70 VPN servers globally
  • Connect to 100+ devices
  • Control with iOS/Android Mobile App

Router with 1 Year VPN Subscription


Full protection for the entire home all from one easy-to-use device.

  • Full VPN Service for 1-Year
  • Access over 70 VPN servers globally
  • Connect to 100+ devices
  • Dual-band Connection (2Ghz/5Ghz)
  • Control with iOS/Android Mobile App
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If you prefer not to buy the router from our Amazon stores, you also have the option to purchase it directly from us. We will take care of shipping it to you from Sweden.

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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?
By purchasing ENCROUTER, you will receive a modern, state-of-the-art Wi-Fi 6 router already pre-loaded with the best VPN technology currently available. When you connect a device through ENCROUTER, you will be able to select a new location server to route your online traffic. You can connect any IoT device through ENCROUTER to ensure that its connection is private and secure.
Can different devices access different VPN server locations?
Yes. You can choose from any of our 19 privately owned (not shared) VPN server locations for any device connected through your ENCROUTER. For example, you may be living in Spain and want your phone to connect to the ordinary connection, while your PC connects to a server in the USA, and all your IoT devices connect to a Norwegian server. You may configure your connected devices as you see fit.
Do I have to use a VPN server location, or can I choose not to for some devices?
You do not have to use a VPN server location; you may select to use your existing connection with no added protection.
Are there any bandwidth traffic limitations?
No. There are no bandwidth limitations, you can stream movies and shows and play games as much as you like.
Is any of my traffic monitored or logged?
No. Never.
How many devices can I connect to the ENCROUTER at any given time?

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